Moonbase Down [1.0.97] released on!

Moonbase Down is a greenscreen Xenomorph isolation survival game. Your mission is to escape all 10-floors of Moonbase One finding the 10 crew logs.

You will also need to rescue Jonesy the Cat.

Moonbase Down - Arcade version on

MBD began as an arcade game built inside of Mars 2030, and grew into a Sci-Fi horror story set in the year 2184. The version released on is a complete game.

However, we have sandbox mode under development which is more epic in scope. To get sandbox mode, you will need to buy the game on Steam.

Survival Tips

  • Firing your weapon reduces power to your shields.
  • The more you die the more the alien population will increase.
  • Chestbryo can detect you when your power is low.
  • Jonesy the cat is a power buffer.
  • Battery drops can keep you at 100%+ power.
  • Stasis Mines can be picked up again - if un-triggered. By left clicking any in range.

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Jun 15, 2019

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